for Photographers

In addition to being a photographer myself I also offer a range of products for photographers.


When I first started doing Newborn photography I realized that props were spendy due to the time and skill put into making them and that until I started booking more sessions I could not afford to buy any props. However there was a catch 22 there because until I had the props I could not book any sessions.  So I decided to make myself some simple ones. I have been crocheting and knitting for most of my life so I was able to do up some hats and bonnets pretty easily. Then I branched out to tiebacks for girls.


Photoshop Templates

I create most of my blog boards, announcements, cards and flyers so when I make a new one I save it so that I can customize and use it for other clients and then add it to my etsy shop as well. I figure why not let other photographers use them if they wanted to.


Photoshop Actions

One thing I do to help with my workflow is turn my main edits into actions this way it only takes me a few seconds to edit a photo instead of several min to an hour. they will still require some tweaking sometimes but for the most part its run the action and then save meaning I have more time with my family. The actions I created have also been uploaded to my Etsy shop and are available for download


My Etsy shop can be found here if you would like to see what I have to offer. I offer quality mostly hand made products and try to keep them at prices that even new photographers can afford. Any time something can be sewn together it is and if not then I hot glue it to make sure that my items can be used many times.