DellaMort Photography: Blog en-us (C) DellaMort Photography (DellaMort Photography) Sun, 26 Apr 2020 05:39:00 GMT Sun, 26 Apr 2020 05:39:00 GMT DellaMort Photography: Blog 80 120 5 places to have your family photos done ~ DellaMort Photography Portland Oregon Photographer Its hard to decide where you want to have your family photos taken. There are so many different options and they all seem like great options. So, I thought I would put out my 5 favorite places to shoot family photos.

1        In Oregon City there is a park called the Prominade. It goes along the bluff and there are so many different options along the walking trail. Much of it is beautifully landscaped and in some places you get a great view of down town OC that can be incorporated into the background.  This option does require quite a bit of walking so I do not recommend it if walking is difficult.

Oregon City PhotographerOregon City Senior Photos at the Promenade

2        Memorial park in Wilsonville. This park has an area right on the sidewalk that I really love shooting so is a perfect location for those with limited mobility. There are also other locations all over the park that provide wooded, river, or even open field locations. This means that if you want a nature background but can’t decide on the exact details this park has it all.

Wilsonville Family PhotographerWilsonville Family Portraits

3        Molalla River State Park in Canby. I love this one for its country vibe.  There are lodgepole pine fences and a wooden bridge as well as some hiking paths. In the fall it offers a lot of fall colors. Sunset and golden hour are especially beautiful.

Country photography Canby Family Portraits

4        Downtown Portland, for those who prefer an urban vibe I always suggest downtown Portland. From there you can choose a residential, old architecture, waterfront, or skyscrapers for your backgrounds. Or for the even more grungy feel the area over near OMSI is very industrial.

Portland Photographer Downtown Portland Senior Portraits

5        My all-time favorite place to shoot is Silver Falls State Park. This beautiful nature area offers trails and waterfalls to use as backdrops. Some of the hikes are not for the faint of heart but there is also one very easy one that is mostly flat. Though parking at this location can be a problem and you do have to get there early. Again, even for the easy one I do not recommend this location for those with limited mobility.

Molalla Family Portrait photographerSilver Falls Senior Photos

I hope this helps to select your location for your next family photo session. If you have any questions feel free to use my contact page above.


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Family Photos in Lake Oswego - Chapman Family  




I have loved being able to photograph this amazing family year after year. I was able to do their daughters newborn photos and we just clicked so I am very happy to be able to call them friends.  Portland Family PhotographerFamily Photos

Every year we try to find a new place to do their photos and last year we did them in Lake O. This little park right on the river was perfect. There were manicured landscapes a river overlook and an un-mowed field, Perfect for running around and playing with the kiddos and still getting some great posed photos. 


Formal Family PortraitsPortland Family Photographer Formal Family PortraitsPortland Family Photographer Formal Family PortraitsPortland Family Photographer Formal Family PortraitsPortland Family Photographer Formal Family PortraitsPortland Family Photographer

I hope you have enjoyed these as much as I enjoyed creating them. 



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Taking your own Newborn photos during quarantine | Portland Newborn Photographer   Most of you know that Im a Newborn Photographer in the Portland Oregon Area. What some of you may not know is that I decided to specialize in newborn photography because I didn't want parents to look back and regret not having photos of their littles  at their smallest like I do. The current situation has made that much harder. I cant go to my clients homes like normal and get photos for them to hang on their walls or put in photo albums but I still want them to have photos of their littles.  So here is a few tips to help you get photos even if all you have is a cell phone.

Portland newborn PhotographerEasy DIY newborn photo Natural NewbornNatural Newborn


1-Work area, - As you know I am an on location photographer. This means that I bring my gear and knowledge to your home and do sessions in your home. So there is no reason you can not get some great photos there as well.  Pick an area where you are comfortable. If it is hard for you to get down on the floor don’t try to do  a full set on the floor. Instead Use the bedroom or nursery.  Just make sure the area is clean and clutter free. If you have to move things to another room then put them back when your done.  Most of the time my set ups are done using a couch or ottoman as a posing surface. Below I have set up a blanket on my couch how I would set it up for a background. Make sure it is as tight as possible. You can use pillows or rolled receiving blankest below it to Lift babies head if you need to. 

Portland newborn PhotographerDIY newborn Set up.


2-Lighting- This is something that may be tricky for many depending on lighting in their home. When using a cell phone camera lighting is EVERYTHING. You need to make sure you have as much light as possible. First thing to try is open windows as many as you can in a given room and take a test shot.  Does it look light enough or did the camera have to work too hard to lighten the photo and cause it to look grainy and out of focus? If there is not enough light close the curtains and start bringing in artificial lights. Like turn on the over head and then bring in lamps and place them around your area. When I am setting up with artificial light I usually put one light to light behind baby and one to light at an angle from head to feet as seen in the diagram. I'm not sure why this uploaded backwards... hopefully you can decipher. if not email me ill send it to ya.  If you can make sure all bulbs are the same color ( soft white, outdoor, cool whatever you use in your home).  Take another test shot. Does it look good?  If you still don’t have enough lights as a last resort Go ahead and open the curtains back up. This  will mean some mixed light but that’s better than grainy blurry photos.



3-Props – When doing photos yourself Keep it simple. You don’t have to have a million props to make a cute photo. If you have a cute headband feel free to use it but simple baby only photos are the best ones to attempt on your own.  Full body and close up photos can be done this way. Below is a sample of a wrapped little one and a closeup of Little with a hat on. Both are easy to get on your own as you dont have to worry about hurting them in strange poses. 

Wide Awake NewbornWide Awake Newborn newborn Girls Photographernewborn Girls Photographer


4-Posing  don’t try to get your baby to go into any of the super stylized poses like froggy or taco. These take time to learn and if done incorrectly can hurt your little one. Instead look on instagram or google for lifestyle newborn photos. These are going to be the best style to do and will provide amazing photos that document your newborn.  Heres a few samples of what can be done without a lot of posing. Below I have used one of my daughters stuffy's to show some simple swaddle poses as well as some simple photos I have done of real babies. In the Stuffy photos you can see where I would place a pillow or rolled receiving blanket under babies head to help lift them up.

Diy Newborn IdeasSimple newborn photos. Diy Newborn IdeasSimple newborn photos. Diy Newborn IdeasSimple newborn photos.

Awake Newborn PortraitsAwake Newborn Portraits

Portland newborn PhotographerSimple newborn Photos Portland newborn PhotographerSimple newborn Photos Portland newborn PhotographerSimple newborn Photos Portland newborn PhotographerSimple newborn Photos Portland newborn PhotographerSimple newborn Photos Portland newborn PhotographerSimple newborn Photos


5-Swaddled. Swaddle your babe in a small receiving blanket. Then wrap them in a scarf or piece of stretchy fabric in the color of your choosing.  Then Lay baby down with the main light source at their head. Shoot from eye level to where they are laying. This may mean kneeling or just bending over so that the camera is at the same level as the baby.  You can also do some snuggling photos for this one have your partner or older kiddo take the phone and snap the photos for you of you sitting on the bed snuggling or couch or standing in front of the window.  Snuggle in close and bring babe as close to your face as possible cheek to cheek or kiss them (without puckering your lips) on the forehead. This is a point when you can also use a  self timer or a remote to get both parents in the photo OR if you don't have anyone to hand the phone to. 


Simple Newborn portraitsNewborn and parents Simple Newborn portraitsNewborn and parents

- Simple White Onsie.  For this one grab one of your littles white onsies and dress them in it. Then lay them on down in their crib (or on the bed or couch or chair)  this one you can shoot a couple different angles of From the top, from the side. Get a close up of just their faces.


You can use either of these Ideas and build on them  and either idea will work for parents photos as well. You may need to get a tripod for your phone and use the timer feature if you are doing the photos yourself with no assistance but make sure to get in the frame as well. Here's a few samples of parents photos that can be done at home.

Oregon City neworn PhotographerParents with baby Oregon City neworn PhotographerParents with baby Oregon City neworn PhotographerParents with baby Oregon City neworn PhotographerParents with baby Oregon City neworn PhotographerParents with baby

5. One  last thing to think about before you start is your settings. Different phones have different options and many have pro mode where you can choose your setting just like on a pro camera. Unless you already know how to use these setting I would not suggest trying to learn while taking your little ones photos. Instead choose one of the auto modes. On the I phone I would suggest portrait. This will blur your backgroud and  keep your foreground in focus. Just make sure before taking the photo that you tap the part of your photo you want in focus so the phone knows where to focus. On the Samsung Galaxsy's I would suggest Selective Focus as it does the same thing (this is what I use when I take photos with my phone if I don’t want to mess with pro mode)  There are lots of different options for settings. If you don’t like the result that this gives ya Play around with it before starting the photos. Here is some samples of what the different settings on my Galaxy produce. There are very slight differences in these photos. This means that you can use almost any settings for this. Don't mind my model we got married in the french quarter in NOLA and this was our cake topper :) 

Cell Phone settings for newborn photos Cell Phone settings for newborn photos Cell Phone settings for newborn photos Cell Phone settings for newborn photos


I really hope this helps you to take some great photos of your new baby while in lock down. If you have any questions please feel free to email me Here. Or find me on Facebook here to chat. Or instagram here. My inbox is always open As I just want everyone to have the best photos of their newborns that they can get at any given time.


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Ideas for your senior photos       Portland Senior Portrait PhotographerSenior Photos in the Forest


   Senior photos are a way to document the right of passage that is graduating high school.  Two things I am always asked when I book a senior session is Where should we do it and what should I wear. I am always happy to give a few suggestions but feel like the answer to both should represent the Senior whos photos they are.

  1.  What should I wear? Depending on your photographer you may be allowed to wear more than one outfit. If not make sure your outfit is totally you.  If you don’t normally wear dresses or skirts and heals  you don’t have to wear them for your photos. It is much better to choose an outfit you will be comfortable in as being in front of the camera is uncomfortable enough without having to worry about being uncomfortable in your clothes. If you do get more than one outfit I suggest one a bit more formal and one super casual but both totally representing your personality. If you live in band tees and jeans  go with a band tee and your favorite jeans and converse and then dress it up by putting a blazer over a band tee  trading the jeans for a dark wash or slack and a black boot. Or tie the Band tee and add a black skirt  and boots. You can dress almost anything up 😊. Look through your closet and pick your favorite pieces and go from there.
  2. Where should we have the session, This is another question that has a personal answer because the vibe of the location should fit your personality. If you are edgy it would not make sense to have your session in a field of flowers. Instead think about if you want a nature or urban feel. If you want urban do you want Urbex or more city life? Once you know that then ask for suggestions that fit the feel that you want. When I am asked for Ideas on where to have a session I always ask these questions first and then we find a place.

Once you know the aswer to these two questions there is nothing holding you back from having an amazing session!.

Senior PortraitsPortland Senior Photographer

Senior Portraits In the Book storeSenior Portraits In the Book store

Senior Portraits at the rose gardenSenior Portraits at the rose garden

Oregon City Senior Portrait PhotographerGuys Senior Portraits

Oregon City Senior PhotographerCosplay Senior Photos

Have any questions? Email me here.


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Senior photos with books and roses - Emily Senior Portraits- Portland Oregon I love it when a client uses their senior photos to show a little bit of who they are. Photographing this major milestone Is always a blast but when the client takes the bull by the horns and makes the session personal it makes it just a bit more special. 

Senior Portraits In the Book storeSenior Portraits In the Book storeMake your senior Portraits your own Book Store Seinor Photos

Emily is someone who definitely personalized her session. She loves reading so the first part of her session was at a local book store, Then we went to a local park to get some outdoor shots and a change of outfit. She  also brought some of her favorite books  with her and we used them as props. 

Portland Senior PhotographerPortland Senior Photographer

If you have any questions about senior Portraits please do not hesitate to contact me. 


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Mid Week Family Photos - Wilsonville Oregon - Jessica's Family Sometimes its hard to set aside time for family photos, Especially when eveyone in the family has different schedules. I am so glad that we were able to make a mid week golden hour session work with their schedules. 

Mid Week Family PortraitsFamily Portraits Portland Family Photographer

Ive known the mother in this family since grade school though we had lost touch for quite a while. So I was super excited when she called me for a session. I had never met her kiddos or husband so it was great to get to meet them. 

Wilsonville PhotographerCouples portraits Portrait photographer

School PhotosSchool Portraits Portland portrait photographer


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Tulip Mini Portrait Sessions - DellaMort Photography Portland Oregon Photographer I am so excited for mini sessions this year! I love photographing families in the fields of tulips. This year I am only offering one day of minis On April 4th and I have 5 time slots available.

Family Photographer In Portland OregonTulip Festival Mini Sessions Portrait Sessions at Wooden Shoe Tulip Fest

Tulip minis are a great way to get your family photos done with littles so that you don't have to worry about keeping them interested for a full session. They last about a half an hour and come with a digital download of 10 images. 

I try to make these sessions as fun as possible and as such when there are kiddos involved there is a fair amount of play involved. That way I can make sure that I get a few candid memories to include in your gallery as well as the posed formal images that you love.

Portland Photographer Mini SessionsFamily Photos In the Tulip FieldsMommy and Me photos

Portland Photographer Mini Sessions Muddy Family Photos Family Portraits Wooden Shoe Tulip Festival Mini SessionsMaternity Photos at Wooden Shoe Tulip Festival Portland Photographer

If you are interested in In booking a session or have any questions please don't hesitate to contact me here

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Generational family photos - Canby Family Photographer - DellaMort Photography Large family photos are some of the most amazing sessions. I love being able to take photos of grandparents with grand kids and through multiple generations. It gives the youngest generation the gift of looking back after the older is gone and seeing how loved they were. Every Please make sure to get in front of the camera as often as possible, someday it will be all that is left.

Large Family PhotosCanby Family Photographer

When Billi messaged me and asked for a family session I was thrilled. When she said it would be multi-generational, I was elated. But this was even more special because it included both sides of an extended family

Questions? Comments? Wanna book a session? Email me here


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Princess for a day - Little Miss M I am hoping that this summer will be the summer for my Princess mini sessions to take off. In preparation I have done a few model calls to get some advertising images for these special sessions. These portrait sessions will include Dress rental for your little one to make them feel like a princess for the day. I will have two different locations to choose from on two different days and they will include a gallery with 10 images.  How’s that for a deal? 

Portland Mini SessionsPrincess Mini Sessions

Little Miss M was one of my models for these sessions and was an absolute doll! Her dad and brothers joined us for part of the session, and I loved how they all absolutely doted on her.  Also, you could tell she wanted to be just like her big brothers and really looked up to them their interaction was the best part of the session.

She had no problem picking out a dress for the session and even when her mama asked her if she was sure and gave other options she went right back to the original. It was adorable to see a 3-year-old who knew exactly what she wanted.

Her Princess Session was held at the stairs in Oregon City and the Back Yard of the Mclaughlin house which I love because the stairs have a castle feel to them and the back yard has an amazing fountain. It will definitely be one of the locations for these sessions.

As always if you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact me here.


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Studio Newborn Portraits - Baby Mr D I put out a model call for newborn photos last year because I had some wrapping and posing techniques I wanted to work on and Baby Mr. D’s Mama responded. He didn’t want to sleep so I didn’t get the posing practice I had hoped for, but we got LOTS of super cute wrapped shots.

Awake Newborn PortraitsAwake Newborn Portraits

I had to shoot for the blink to make sure that little man looked like he was sleeping peacefully but it worked out fine.

Sleeping Newborn portraitsSleeping Newborn portraits Sleeping Baby BoySleeping Baby Boy Portland newborn PhotographerPortland newborn Photographer

If you have any questions or would like to book a newborn session Please feel free to email me here.


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5 years of Little Miss L - Yearly Portraits                 I have been photographing Little Miss L for the past 4 years and it has been wonderful to watch her learn and grow.  She has gone from a very shy little girl to a Superstar who Loves having her photo taken and taking photos on her own.

Portland Newborn PhotographerPortland Newborn Photographer

The first time I did her portraits was shortly after I met her mom as we worked in the same office and she was SO shy. I armed myself with some bribes in the form of little toys in the likeness of her favorite cartoon and met them at a local park. Just as suspected Little Miss L wanted NOTHING to do with having her photo taken. She wanted to play or hide behind mommy. So I put the camera down and we played for a bit with the camera nearby. When I picked it back up she was ready to go.

portland Photographerportland Photographer Portland Newborn PhotographerPortland Newborn Photographer Portland childrens photographerPortland childrens photographer Yearly portraitsYearly portraits Family portrait photographerFamily portrait photographer portland model photographerportland model photographer

After that first Session her mama has brought her to me every year and every year has gotten better and better. I am so happy to count her mama as one of my friends and have been able to watch L grow.

Portland Family PhotographerPortland Family Photographer

If you have any questions or would like to book a session please feel free to contact me here.


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Three generations of strong women in one photo- Mimi's Family Photos    Photo sessions with 3 or more Generations in them are absolutely one of the best things ever. I love that these sessions provide something for the youngest generation to look back on when the others are no longer around. It is such a special gift to give our children and grandchildren.

   These sessions are the ones that I always want to mention printing photos because digital media will degrade over time, but properly stored prints will be there for many generations to come.

   Mimi called me about having a session with her mother and daughter for Mother’s Day. When I arrived at the session, I could see that Mimi was worried. She let me know that her daughter was very spirited, and she was worried that we wouldn’t get any photos.  I let her know it was no problem and we began the session. Her daughter absolutely had ideas of her own of how the session should go so I switched gears and we played a little. I have one trick up my sleeve that seems to work most times.  And that is to tell a story of the ladybug or itty-bitty puppy that lives in my lens.  That did the trick and we got some great photos.

   The photos of little Miss with her grandma are some of my Favorites from this session. I hope you enjoy them as much as I enjoyed creating them

If you have any questions or would like to book a session please feel free to contact me here.

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Gorgeous Gatsby Themed Wedding - West Linn Oregon- Michelle and Richard Michelle is a good friend of mine and a once fellow Wedding industry professional so when she asked me to photograph her wedding I could not say anything but yes, and I am so glad that I did!

Her wedding was Gatsby themed and her husband a true gentleman! Everyone deserves to find a partner as these two have, you can see the love in their eyes when they look at each other and in the gentleness of their touch.

Their wedding took place at Weddings On the Hill, which was perfect as it is a 1920s Mansion in West Linn. The house and beautiful grounds made this location perfect for the small wedding they had planned.

After the wedding and brunch we headed to the Portland temple to take some photos and then on to a second ceremony as the first was only for close family and friends. Their larger circle was then invited to their ring ceremony and traditional bbq dinner.

Portland Wedding Photographer

Small elopement style weddings sometimes carry as much flair as large lavish events.

Keywords : Wedding, Portland Wedding Photographer, Portland elopement photographer, elope in oregon, elope. Small Wedding,


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Beautiful Engagement Photos at George Rogers Park in Lake Oswego - Michelle and Richard George Rogers park in Lake Oswego is a beautiful venue for Engagement portraits. I love the different locations all available in one place. From forest to Rivers edge it has almost everything that you want for your engagement portraits.

For Michelle and Richards portraits we used most of the locations available and had so much fun!

Lake Oswego Couple

A walk through the park

Laughing by the waterside

I love that I have so many amazing locations that I can shoot within a short distance from my home near Molalla.

Keywords: Wedding, DellaMort Couples, Portland Engagement Photographer, Portland photographer, Lake Oswego Wedding Photographer


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The Absolute Best Place for Spring Maternity Photos in Oregon - Heathers Maternity Photos One of my favorite subjects to shoot at the WoodenShoe Tulip Festival in Woodburn Oregon is Maternity portraits. This particular session was for my Niece and Nephew and their pregnancy with their second child. We spent several weeks talking about her wardrobe and choosing the perfect dress for her single photos. I absolutly love the way they turned out.

spring maternity photos

Portland maternity photographer

Woodburn Maternity Photographer

Portland Family Photographer

The tulip farm is an amazing place for so many different types of photos but maternity is one that I feel are the most at home there.

Keep an eye on my Facebook, Blog, and Insta for the next tulip mini event!

Keywords: Tulips, Mini sessions, Portland family Photographer, Salem Maternity photographer, Family.

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What To Wear This is a question that many ask. Its hard to know what is going to look best for your photos. The first place I suggest starting is location. Where are you having your photos taken. You will want your outfits to stand out from your location either in color or style. For instance. If you are having your photos taken in an amazingly colorful field for flowers, I would not suggest a really busy colorful print. Once you know where your photos are to be taken then you can start thinking about what will go with that location and what to wear. Here are a few things to think about.


1 Coordinate colors. Most people I speak with think that when getting portraits taken it is best to all wear the same ore really similar outfit. And while this can work in some instances in most cases it just makes your photos look dated.  Instead Choose a color pallet. It can be as vague as were going to wear warm colors (This works really well in the fall btw!) Or you can get specific and tell your family to base their outfits on a specific set of colors (i.e. Dress in Brown, teal, and grey)

2 This is a big one, Except for very young children, let those involved choose or at least have a say in their outfit. There is nothing worse than feeling extremely uncomfortable in your outfit on portrait day. And guess what it shows in photos.

3 Try not to wear all brand-new items for your portraits. It may seem silly, but clothes fit better after they have been washed and worn a few times, so break them in. Just be careful not to get any of grandma’s famous chili on them.

4 another big one dress for the weather! If you are getting photos done in the heat of summer stay away from wool and long sleeves and likewise in the winter don’t put little tommy in a tank top. Being too warm or too cold will affect not only the disposition of the person wearing the clothes but it can make or break the entire session.


And that’s it 😊 not too hard right? I know I know choosing outfits is much easier said than done (I personally suck at choosing what to wear for portraits) so one more suggestion. If all else fails check out my Pinterest Board on what to wear.


Here are some samples of what my past clients have worn to their sessions.

A group of people posing for the camera

Description automatically generated


Mother and Father with their new baby.

Description automatically generated

Newborn Family Photos 

Description automatically generated

Questions? Email me here




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5 amazing places to have a photo session on a Rainy day Indoor Headshots Rainy day Portrait Locations

I don't have a photo studio; this means sometimes I have to be creative with photo locations... After all this is Oregon.  So, I thought I would write up a blog about my favorite indoor locations in no particular order... OR are they?


5 - At Home-

 Even if your home is not what you would call "Pinterest Worthy" In home lifestyle sessions can be a ton of fun! You can have a shoot that tells the story of your family sometimes better than posed photos do. You can get together with grandma in the kitchen and bake cookies (What kiddo wouldn’t want photos of themselves with their grandma? Or during bedtime routine reading stories or cuddling before lights out. The possibilities are endless.

In home family photographerFamily Photos In your own home


4  - Down Town In the rain😉-


Its Oregon so sometimes its ok to embrace that its raining.  Especially for couples photos this can be extremely romantic and calls for a myriad of cuddling photos.

Oregon maternity PhotographerMaternity photos in the rain


3 - In your local Library-


for this one you do have to ask permission as some libraries will not allow it but others as long as you are respectful are fine with it.  The reading area of some libraries replicates a perfectly decorated den or Livingroom that is absolutely Pinterest worthy.  

Portland Senior PhotographerIndoor Senior Photos


2 - A Local Book or decor store-


Again it is best to ask permission first so that you don’t get yourself and your clients in trouble or banned from your favorite store but many book stores and home decor stores are fabulously designed and laid out for photos.

Portland engagement photographerIndoor engagement photos


And last but not least my favorite...


1 - In your favorite coffee shop -  


Coffee shops are designed to be warm and inviting. To make you want to stay and order more coffee or treats. This works in our favor more times than not. It means there are several different sets that can be used. But again, Ask permission and try to come on a day / time that will not be busy. And as always be respectful and purchase something while there.

Portland oregon PhotographerPortland Branding Photographer


Indoor locations can be hard to find when you are not a studio photographer and short of renting a studio for a session it can be a daunting task to find a place. Hopefully these suggestions will spark some creativity.

If you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact me here.

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Spring Tulip Farm Mini Sessions - Woodburn Oregon Every year I hold mini sessions at the tulip festival and they are always one of my favorite sets. They are open to any type of session except weddings and boudoir and are usually used for family portraits or maternity.

Last season my first session was a family photo session. They arrived in adorable rain boots with a clear umbrella and we had so much fun stomping around in the mud.

My second session was a maternity session at sunset. The sun did not give us any colors however we did get some amazing light.

Easter Morning I had a modeling session. Corine absolutely killed her portraits and I really can not wait to work with her again.

Kelsey took one of my mini sessions for her engagement portraits. She may have shone brighter than the flowers.

My last tulip mini session was that of a mother and her little girl. Little ones in the fields are nothing short of amazing. I think we could learn alot about enjoying life from the littles.

I cant wait for the tulips to come back up and my Photography mini sessions to be back.

Follow me on facebook or instagram to get updates.

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Carr family photos in Wilsonville ~ DellaMort Photography I love an extended family portrait session. Having several generations in one area always provides laughs and stories so when Alli asked me to take photos for her while her dad was in town visiting I agreed right away.

I hope you enjoy these photos as much as I enjoyed creating them.

Extended family portrait

portland family photographer

Please contact me here for your family session today.

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Chelsea and Kyle booktastic engagement session at a local Book Store Engagement Photos in Oregon in the rainy months can be quite a task. Usually you have two options, Hire a studio photographer or have the photos done in your own home. But what are you to do if studio is not your style and your home is small or not “pinterest worthy”? Well Chelsea and Kyle didn’t think twice about where they wanted to have their portraits.

Bookstore engagement

We met at the book store and headed for the wedding planning section as it was both appropriate and usually not packed. We had some fun shooting there then headed for the coffee bar and bought a couple cups of tea. Any time I shoot at a local business I always do two things first, ask permission. Once permission is granted always make sure to purchase something from the business to support local businesses.

The Light in the Coffee shop was amazing but it was SUPER crowded so we didn’t have alot of options. Even with limited options we got some great shots.


If you have any questions or are interested in booking a session please do not hesitate to contact me here

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Chelsea and Kyles Wedding Day ~ Canby Wedding Photographer

When I first met Chelsea and Kyle they had another photographer in mind but were not able to book them and as such wanted to book me right away, and I am SO glad they did. I had so much fun capturing their wedding from the funny poses that the groom and his guys wanted to the brides mom insisting that I let her buy me coffee. The bride was absolutely stunning and the groom a pure gentleman.

They had their wedding at Postlewaits Country Weddings in Canby. This was the 2nd time I had shot there and I was super excited. When I got there I took a look around and noticed a sweetheart table where I expected the ceremony to take place, Thats when I remembered the bride and groom were going to be eating alone while their guests had dinner. I think this is such an amazing Idea and it gave them some down time on their busy day


I hope you enjoy these photos as much as I enjoyed taking them If you have any questions about wedding photography you can contact me here

Like what you see? Heres the list of vendors :D

Wedding Planner/ Coordinator : Natalie Johnson- Carpe Diem Weddings and Events --

Catering Services : Divine Catering

DJ - Carpe Diem Wedding and Events -

Photography - DellaMort Photography -

Venue - Postlewaits Country Weddings

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Why Do I Kill Myself With Long Hours.

   Ive been asked and hear other small business owners get asked alot why we do what we do? Why work long hours for in some cases less than min wage? Why take so much time away from our families? Why deal with the stress? In my case each of those questions holds its own answer.

Before I answer my why I will give a little background about how my photography business came about and my original why.

   Why did I get into photography? The simple answer? We were broke! I was a teen mom and met my husband when my daughter was 3 he took her as his own and did everything for us that any father would do. We both worked but barely made ends meet. The year she turned 9 I lost my job, again, I have had bad luck when it comes to work and either contracts end for outsourced work, Departments are moved to another state, or companies close while I am working for them. So when the school photo order form came home I took one look saw the smallest package was one 8x10 for $50 and knew there was no way we could do that. So I took our little point and shoot out and did her yearly photos myself. I had a background in art (took many design, drawing and comp classes in college in an attempt to become an architect) and used what I knew to come up with some photos. When I got them home and realized that I really enjoyed the process and they had actually turned out ok I had a brilliant idea to bring in some "easy" money.... HAHAHAHA... how little did I know ;) . At that point I decided I didn't want anyone to not have photos of their kids as they grew. We took our taxes the next year and got me my first DSLR and I started doing $20 yearly photos for friends and family. That way even those who are low income could have photos. It didn't take long for me to realize that it was a lot more work than I thought and that at 20 dollars everyone comes out of the wood work and you end up working way too much for what you are getting But I had accomplished my original goal and if felt good. I had also gone back to work full time because 20 dollars a pop was not enough to pay the bills.

   That brings me to where I am currently.

   Why work long hours for in some cases less than min wage? This ones easy! The only pricing that ends up putting me at less than min wage is my weddings and I do it because my couples are AMAZING. I love getting to spend the days with my brides to see their faces when they walk back down the aisle with their husbands. To see the look in their fathers eyes when they dance together or when he gives his baby girl away. And then again when I get to give them their photos and they email me back with such heart felt thanks for helping to make their day. The fact that I can help them to preserve their memories of that day is all the thanks I need. Then I get to watch their families grow as they have children or adopt dogs or as they grow in their love as we do yearly family photos. I have gained so many amazing friends and family members through my photography.

My Family
Photo by Serendipity Photography

   Why take so much time away from our families? Even though I work full time in addition to my photography it actually allows me to spend more quality time with my family. It brings in some extra income which we can use to pay for experiences, Going out to dinner, or on family trips. However this is not the best part. The best part is through my love for photography my husband and daughter have also picked it up. So when I go on to a family session or newborn session I can take my daughter with me as an assistant. We also take our cameras with us on trips and spend time perfecting the shot and competing to see who can get the best composition. Photography has enriched our lives beyond anything that the extra money can bring.

   Why deal with the stress that being so busy brings? For me being busy is a way that I distress. I have ADHD and am not medicated for it so to be able to always be doing something keeps my brain from wandering. Having a business has been such a blessing because If I find myself getting aimless I can just go to my clients photos and refocus. between my photography and renovating our house I dont have to worry about not having something to do!

My daughters Sr photo by Lindsey Rose Photography

   Out of all of these one of my biggest whys has been and will always be my daughter! I want to be able to show her that even though it may take a while if you work hard towards a goal you will get there. Eventually I will be able to do photography full time as my "retirement" program and hopefully with in the next several years.

head shot by Velvet Flair Photography

   If you have any questions at all please feel free to message me through my contact me page.

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Helga and Jeremy's Wedding in Newberg Oregon ~ DellaMort Photography

Helga and Jeremy contacted me about their wedding photography relatively close to their date but when we met we totally clicked. They were like my people. With this particular wedding I was SO thankful for that. It made shooting the wedding so much easier and more rewarding because sadly the night before my grandmother had passed away while I held her had in her hospital room. Even with the sadness that loomed in my heart I knew I could not let them down. I showed up and worked my bum off and the joy that this family had washed over me.

The day started in the with the guys. They were all ready so we headed out for their formals.


Grooms Photos

Of course you cant get away without doing a silly pose or two with the guys!


Then it was on to the brides room where Helga was getting ready. She was surrounded by her best friends and they all were helping out. I don't think I've ever seen getting ready go so smoothly.



Once she was ready we headed out to do her bridals with her ladies.


With the formals finished it was time for their ceremony. The brides father walker her down the aisle and the ceremony had everyone laughing at points.


After the ceremony there was a few more formals to shoot and then off to party!



Helga and Jeremy will forever be near to my heart and I wish them MANY happy years.



DellaMort Photography
Weddings | Newborns | Families

































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2019 Spring Mini Sessions At Woodenshoe Tulip Fest ~ DellaMort Photography

Every year I brave the crowds and do spring mini sessions at the tulip fest. It is a time of year that I love and want to share with everyone. For this years sessions you have three days to choose from. The Tulip fest is held at Woodenshoe Tulip Farm and they do charge an entry fee which is not included in your session fee as we are not affiliated with the farm. To see the cost for entry please click here.

Session Dates and Times

April 14th at 4, 430 and 5 pm
April 13th at 9, 930, and 10 am and
April 7th at 4, 430, and 5 pm


Also because I absolutely LOVE shooting at sunset in this venue I will also open up two sunset sessions which will be $225 meet at the tulip fest at 6 and wait for those golden rays (you have to be on the grounds by 6 to stay for sunset) These will be longer than the normal 1 hour session expect to be in the fields until between 730 and 8 pm. flexible days on these two sessions

If you would like to secure one of these sessions please feel free to email me here.



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Helga and Jeremy Engagement photos in Hillsboro

When Helga contacted me there was only a few months until Her and Jeremy's wedding, But we knew we needed to get some engagement portraits in. So in mid March, The rainy season in Oregon we decided to hope for the best. Helga and Jeremy chose one of my favorite shooting locations Rood Bridge Park for their engagement portraits and Oregon decided to be nice and let the sun shine. I had so much fun with this amazing couple we were laughing and dancing the whole session.


We started the session at the little water feature on site. during the summer its clean and has a cute stream and waterfall but during the winter it gets kinda boggy. When we arrived at the location I almost decided to move on but Helga said she LOVED the color of the alge so we stayed. And I am SO glad we did.


After the pond we walked arround the park a bit and found this cute little bridge. This is when I found out that Helga and Jeremy are swing dance partners as well! These two totally busted out the pretzel it was beautiful how they just danced like they were the only ones at the park.

We walked a bit more back into the wooded area and found the most AMAZING back light. Im a SUCKER for hair light so we had to stop here and do a couple as well.

You can tell these two fill each others lives with so much love and fun. In this case I told them that I needed them to just walk towards me holding hands looking at each other. Instead of starting with a regular step Jeremy had both Helga and I cracking up because he leaped into the air and clicked his heals together. I just wish I had caught the full leap!

I absolutely love capturing engagement sessions for my couples and am always up for an adventure.

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Baby Mr J | DellaMort Photography | Molalla Oregon Newborn Photographer

I love photographing newborns when their siblings want to be part of the action! In this case Baby Js big sister was all about getting her photo taken and their home had an amazing backdrop to use in their faux fireplace. Little miss even helped me figure out my lighting. However that was the end of the easy session. Little man definitely had other plans but with a bit of perseverance we were able to get his mama a beautiful gallery of newborn photos.

This little man is SO very loved.

Big sister could not take her eyes off him.

I adore this little reindeer hat that his mama bought him. It came with a matching diaper cover which he has on under the wrap but he did not like being unwrapped.

Between sets he was all eyes.

As always by the end of the session he was completely zonked out :D .

Newborn photography very quickly became a passion for me once I started and I hope that Ill one day have a studio that I will be able to use in addition to traveling to clients homes. For now I travel and love that I am able to provide snapshots of little ones newborn days for their parents.

As always if you have any questions or would like to book a newborn photography session please do not hesitate to contact me here.

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Swan Lake inspired Ballet Bridal - DellaMort Photography - Portland Wedding Photographer Planning and photographing Styled wedding shoots is something that I often do for fun. This shoot is something that had been peculating in my brain for about 6 months when I decided to take action.  I thought the hard part of this would be finding a model who was also a ballerina and was willing to go enpointe while in a wedding dress (those things are heavy!!!) but it turns out that was the easy part!!! Alana Rose absolutely killed the roll of Odette (yes I went there). I was however a bit sad that I could not find a Derek but as they say " The show must go on". For this shoot I brought together an amazing team of experts and am SO excited to showcase their

Swan Lake Bride

When planning a Styled shoot I don't like to over direct I really want to showcase each vendor at their best and from decor to modeling this team absolutely crushed it! It turns out that the dress I chose was too long to do any true ballet poses but again Alaina ran with it and pulled out all the stops to become our swan.

Boho Bride

I had two Wedding decor vendors. One who provided decor and one that provided a bit more decor and styling. Styling was provided by Power Of Love rentals as well as some of the larger decor pieces and place settings. Fairy Tales by Kelsey provided Candles and fabric and some of the glass work.



The venue for this shoot was Caver Event Center at the old carver school, They have three areas open currently for ceremony's . The Lawn, The tent and the greenhouse. I chose to use the green house for this shoot because being in November it was actually warm inside and the diffused light was AMAZING.

The amazing Boho inspired florals were provided by Madison August Events and Design

The delicious cookies were provided by The Sugar Shoppe, and yes they taste as good as they look! The cake was provided by Cakes by Laura LLC (The frills totally remind me of the ruffles on a tutu)

How could you not love all the pretty little details brought to the stationery by Blue Bonsai Printing. Perfect balance of boho and feme.


This absolutely stunning lace wedding dress was provided by Heavenly Bridal. I not so secretly wish that I cold fit in this dress for my upcoming vow renewal photos.



Last but not in any way least! Hair and makeup was provided by the wonderful Desiree Neel who is the brains and creativity behind La Muse Beauty Salon.

This was one set of Styled Wedding Photographs that was an absolute blast to create and I hope you have enjoyed them as much as I did making them to share.

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Im Back!!! ~ I really suck at blogging I have had so many sessions in the last 2 years that have not been blogged. Ive done a bunch of weddings and styled shoots and even welcomed my niece and nephew. One of these days I will learn how to blog hopefully this is that day.

So short and sweet. Stay tuned to see if I continue posting or fail like every other time :D.

Heres a beautiful sleeping babe from a recent session.
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Im not photogenic This is the number one thing I hear from people when I show up to their session. And let me tell you I’m right there with you! I always say I belong on the back of a camera not in front of it but let me tell you something else. Everyone is photogenic, yes that’s right that means YOU are photogenic.

I despise getting in front of the camera but I do it anyway, I know that it is important and one day all my child and future grandchildren will have are the photos that we take today. Do you want to know how I got over the fear and stress that came with thinking I was not photogenic? No? To bad Im gonna tell you anyway 😉

  1. Find a photographer that you really click with someone who makes you forget that there is a camera in their hand. Once I found that it was much easier to get in front of the camera once a year. My photographer makes the whole process fun and we have even become friends outside of our Photographer, Client relationship. This is by far the most important item on this list.
  2. Next is don’t wear brand new clothing as you will not be completely comfortable in it during your session. If you do want new outfits for your portraits purchase them at least a month before the session and wear them. Wear them and wash them that way they loosen up a bit and drape a bit better and you will feel better in them.
  3. Look at yourself in the mirror. Find your relaxed smile and practice it. Also while looking in the mirror practice poses. You can actually find quite a few posing guides on pinterest that will help you learn some of the basic poses that work with your body type. This step even though your photographer will know how to pose you to flatter your body will help you become more comfortable in these poses. Comfort equals relaxed posing and relaxed photos. Relaxed photos always look better than stiff ones.
  4. The last tip is love yourself. I know I know its soooo cliche! But its true!! If you are anything like me and don’t want photos of yourself its because you see all your imperfections. You say things like maybe next year after Ive lost weight, Or please don’t photograph my right side its not my good side . Next time you look in the mirror tell yourself out loud one thing you like about yourself. then repeat every time you look in the mirror. It doesn’t always have to be something physical but should be often as you are trying to train yourself to see the beauty in your physical form.

Simple right? Well maybe not but it does work! Im proof Below are photos of my own un-photogenic self.

View More: View More: View More: View More:


Ready to give it a try? Book your session today with DellaMort Photography by emailing me here.

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Spring Time Mini Sessions at Woodenshoe Tulip Festival Its that time of year again, time for spring mini sessions. I love doing sessions at Woodenshoe Tulip festival while the flowers are in full bloom they provide so many gorgeous colors to use as backgrounds. The grounds are usually pretty crowded but that doesn’t bother me seeing all the kids running around and laughing makes me smile, and adds to the fun atmosphere of your mini session.

I am running 4 days of minis this year at the Tulip Fest. 2 options for morning sessions and 2 options for after noon. Sessions will be held at Wooden Shoe Tulip Festival on April 1st, 2nd, 8th, and 9th.

30 min session
Downloadable gallery of
10 images
Up to 5 people

On the 1st and the 9th sessions will be from 10 am to 1 pm in half hour increments with the last session starting at 1230

On the 2nd and 8th Sessions will be from 3 pm to 6 pm at 30 min increments with the last session starting at 5:30

Ready to book your session? Contact me on Facebook or at

Spring Maternity Portraits spring Family photos


**30 dollar retainer due at the time of booking to hold your spot


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Baby Z and A ~ Twin Newborn Portraits by DellaMort Photography This summer I was able to add a couple of Twins to my Newborn Portraits Portfolio. I must say I LOVE working with twins and would love to do it some more so if you are in the Portland metro area and expecting twins and looking for a photographer feel free to contact me.  Sometimes you get to shoot photos for a family that you just connect with. That was totally the way it was with this family. Only a few will understand but they are brown coats! So I got to have a total nerd moment and discuss scy fi and fantasy books/games while setting up. We ended up deciding to shoot outside as it was about 90 degrees that day. It was absolutely amazing! well… mostly… as happens with twins when one was sleeping the other wasn’t, when one was finally full the other was hungry. so we did not get many together photos but were able to get some great single shots. Then just when we were ready to get shots with big brother He fell asleep and we didn’t want to wake him for fear of a toddler melt down. Even with the ups and downs that come with two babies, I am quite proud of how these photos came out as  it was only my second set of twins.


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Meet Baby Mrs Z ~ Newborn Portraits by DellaMort Photography So I am WAY behind on blogging. Its not my forte! but I feel like these sessions deserve more than just a quick upload to Facebook. This particular newborn session was one of the hardest I have ever had. I know that is what I said about the last post but this one was harder. Little one did not want to sleep at all, did not want to be posed and was definitely NOT into hats. Mama contacted me just before she turned 2 weeks old and the timing was just not where it should  have been, after struggling for a bit and having little one get pretty fussy we decided to go for more lifestyle shots than posed. So we got some ok cute shots but nothing that I would normally get.  When I sent the gallery to mama she asked if we could have a do over. I of course said yes and we scheduled a new session for the following weekend. At this point Little Miss was about 5 weeks old and I expect it to be any easier but told mama that we would go for some more posed ones if little one would have it. I was actually really surprised how easy the second session went. Little Miss Z was an image of perfection for the entire session. Just goes to show that the normal before 2 weeks does not work for every baby.



Newborn Portrait Photographer

And then sometimes You just have to include an outtake!



If you have any questions about newborn photography please use my contact me form to send me an email. You can see more of my work on my Facebook Page.

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Meet Baby Miss A. Newborn Portraits by DellaMort Photography Baby Miss A really gave me a run for my money while shooting her Newborn Portraits. She wanted nothing to do with the camera and was REALLY not a hat girl. Her mama was so patient though and we prevailed. Eventually she did sleep and we pushed through as many poses as we could. In the end this has become one of my favorite sessions because while it didn’t go exactly as planned it still came out great and showed me that sometimes all it takes is patience.

Portland Oregon Newborn Portraits

Canby Oregon Newborn Photographer Newborn Portraits. If you have any questions or would like to book a newborn session please contact me on Facebook or my Website.

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Baby Mr K ~ Newborn Photos by DellaMort Photography in Gresham Oregon A few months ago I put out a model call for a little Boy newborn for a “nautical” styled newborn portrait session. I carefully prepared all my props the night before and headed over to meet this cute little guy after a long day at the office. When I got there I realized I had left my basket with wraps at home. His mama and I had a good laugh about it and then got on with the session. Baby K just never ceased to amaze me, he was less than a week old and knew his name. Every time I said it he would look right at me, then when he got tired he just went to sleep, as if to say no big deal ill just sleep you do your thing. I hope you enjoy the below images as much as I enjoyed taking them.

Baby Boy Newborn Photography

Baby Boy Newborn Photography

If you have any questions about Newborn Portraits please do not hesitate to contact me on my Facebook or website.

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Bring on the twins, Newborn portraits by DellaMort Photography in Oregon City I love photographing twin newborns,  this particular pair of twins are the daughters of one of my friends and actually the second pair of twins for her. These two were super easy to work with and reminded me why I love working with babies, Even though they are not all easy (well none are actually easy but you know 😉 ) I hope you enjoy the sample below.

Newborn Photography

If you have any questions about newborn photography or would like to book a session please contact me on Facebook or my website.

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Baby Miss R’s Newborn Portraits ~ DellaMort Photography Portland Newborn Photographer Baby Miss R’s newborn portraits were supposed to be Woodland themed. Very shortly into the session I realized my for the session were going out the window as she was a light sleeper and could not be moved much. Sometimes in newborn photography you just have to go with the flow.  At the very end of the session her big brother came home, I tried to get him in on the session but he was having none of that.

Portland Oregon Newborn Photographer

If you have any questions about newborn portraits please feel free to contact me on my Facebook page or Website.

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3 Generation Family Portraits at the Tulip Festival ~ DellaMort Photography in Woodburn Oregon Every year I offer portrait mini sessions at the Woodenshoe Tulip Festival in Woodburn Oregon. This year I was able to capture three generations during one of the sessions. I love that this family gets together once a year for a portrait and hope that the tradition continues.

Family Photographer









If you are interested in my Tulip Festival Minis please follow me on facebook or contact me on my website.

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