My name is Tabitha Mort and Im a photographer in the Portland, Oregon area.

I do not have a cute story about how I was born with a camera in my hand. In fact I came upon my passion for it out of necessity.

One year I could not afford to pay to get my daughter’s pictures done but didn’t want to skip a year either. So I decided to do them myself. I took my Samsung point and shoot out and took her down to the park near our house and took them myself. I tried to lay them out using the Art Comp rules I learned in the college art classes I took (basic design, basic design three dimension, color theory, art composition and drawing) so that I would get something useful out of the shots. When I got them home and looked at them, I was surprised at how they turned out. I know you are not supposed to admit when you are surprised that your work comes out well, but I value honesty, and I was genuinely surprised.

After I handed them out to my family, people started asking me to do their pictures for them too. That was about 6 years ago. I worked with my point and shoot for a while and have finally gotten up the courage to come out of my shell and try to branch out. I no longer use a Samsung point and shoot; I now have a Canon 5d mk iii , T3i, and a Elan 7 Film Camera and several lenses to work with. I try to make every shoot fun and still get the shots that will last a life time. I have done several different kinds of photography through the years including children’s portraits, Family photography, engagement pictures and wedding photography. I have in recent years moved more towards newborns and families and now specialize in these genres which are very close to my heart.

(Photo Courtesy Velvet Flare Photography)


Wedding and Engagement, Newborn and Family Portraiture photography based in Mulino, Oregon.